Paying out cheques or cash for temporary labour can present problems with filing year end returns and aligning to accountancy practices, specifically allocating annual expenses. If you find yourself in this situation, you should join a growing community, and use AgriAssist.

  • For a nominal fee (4%)- AgriAssist can setup your current (and new) workers under the AgriAssist contractor model, which is particularly suited to part time, temporary and casual working arrangements. AgriAssist will act as an intermediary, and handle the payment transaction between both parties, relieving you from all employer side obligations (PAYE, PRSI, Holiday pay) whilst issuing you with a receipt, ensuring you are in full compliance to all obligations.
  • The online system is very user friendly, allowing you to manage bookings, log hours, instruct electronic payments and receive automated receipts instantly. This service is currently available with minimal administrative and transactions fees – which will be extremely cost effective for your enterprise.
  • Therefore, if you have any current workers, and wish to learn more about how this system will benefit you, please call, text, whatsApp or register your interest on our website ( and a member of our team will happily provide you with an overview of our product.

    Thank you.