A farmer, also running a company which is focused on agricultural and buildings seeks a herdsman at his farm in Southern Iceland.

Here is some general info about the farm: 

  • New barn started 2019
  • 240 dairy cows
  • 4 Merlin 2 robots
  • Trioliet automatic feeding system.
  • Icelandic breed of cows
  • Average yield about 8.000 liters top 20 yield of all herds in Iceland
  • Mowing about 200 hectares and renewing/ploughing 60-70 hectares every year
  • We cut 2 or 3 times a year depends on how good the summer is.
  • We grow about 40-50 hectares of barley.
  • We have 3 silage pits and harvest in two of them every year.
  • We have the Dutch „Easy Silage“ equipment to close and open the pits and we make about 1.500 round bales every year.
  • We also have about 10 beef cows and about 30 horses and 50 sheep.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Experience with cows needed
  • Minimum employment time 1 year
  • Warm lunch 5 days a week
  • Accommodation in camp on the farm
  • Wages according to Icelandic wage agreements
  • Could be possible for experienced couples