Castlemartyr Resort in Cork is is recruiting for the role of Grounds Manager, to report to the director of property.

Scope of responsibilities include:

  1. To manage all the general garden requirements of Castlemartyr Resort and its properties.
  2. To assist/supervise in other areas of the hotel where necessary i.e. gardens, general duties, cardboard disposal etc.
  3. To plan and assist with any indoor plants that may require attention/maintenance
  4. To manage any outdoor planting as required
  5. Plan & carry out grounds projects as agreed with management
  6. To run the department in a professional manner
  7. To carry out any other reasonable requests made by management
  8. Manage any grounds maintenance contractors onsite to ensure scope of works are adhered to
  9. You will have responsibility in all areas of garden and grounds upkeep and maintenance
  10. You will be expected to familiarise yourself with the many different areas that this department can cover within Castlemartyr Resort
  11. Assist in the upkeep of all hotel equipment to the manufacturers recommendations and ensure completion of these duties to the satisfaction of Management.
  12. Assist in the maintenance of hotel property to the highest standards.
  13. Punctually attend work with a high standard of personal appearance and uniform
  14. Carry out all urgent tasks assigned to you before the end of day so that no guests are inconvenienced.
  15. Be aware of the security of the hotel at all times, both in terms of access to the hotel and hotel property
  16. Familiarise yourself with the various types of equipment in the hotel and estate and their operation.
  17. Note in the maintenance book any maintenance problems and report to the Director of Property any misuse of hotel property during the working day
  18. At all times practice and work with the safety of staff and guests in mind and work in accordance with the safety manual of Castlemartyr Resort and best industry practice.
  19. Ensure all necessary work permits are in place prior to commencing works.
  20. Be aware of fire safety, the evacuation system and safe handling of fire, in case of emergency
  21. Use initiative whilst carrying out one’s duties so that we provide the best possible product and service to our guests at all times. Always be on the look out for ways to improve our customer’s experience.
  22. Work as a team member in a fashion that is both supportive and considerate towards your product. Cooperate fully with other staff and their requirements bearing in mind that proper maintenance ensures the proper running of the estate.
  23. To comply with the emergency call out procedures in operation at Castlemartyr Resort to ensure proper cover for the hotel at all times.
  24. To comply with all requirements as set out in the Employee Hand Book.
  25. Attend training courses as required by management
  26. Ensure team members are trained to carry out each task required of them.
  27. Carry out any other reasonable requests made by management
  28. Implement an annual planting plan
  29. The core competencies required to deliver on the role objectives are:
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving ability
  • Planning & Organising
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Financial thinking
  • Leadership & leading for results
  • Effective communications
  • The development of a Customer service focus- the internal customer


Professional Responsibilities & Attributes

Team Approach

  • Work effectively with all team members of the department to achieve the daily and weekly and yearly objectives.
  • Contribute to the sense of camaraderie and to strength of the working relationships in the department.
  • Inspire loyalty to yourself and to the business from the team. Focuses on peoples positive points and builds on these.
  • Provide direction, support to the staff in your charge. Be diplomatic in difficult situations and build the departments trust and respect.


Planning and Organising

  • Plans ahead effectively to ensure things happen on time without problems. Thinks ahead to pre-empt issues that could arise with certain events or bookings and ensures these are dealt with adequately in advance.
  • Ensure own time is managed to ensure priority work is completed.


Leading for results

  • Meeting objectives, effective feedback, self-actualisation, realize own impact on others, delegation, leadership styles, empowerment, motivation.
  • Mobilises the team to ensure service, time and quality objectives are met consistently. Ensure through support and a hands on approach that the work in each section is completed on time and that the team are made aware every day of the day business ahead and to focus on this.
  • Is aware of own example and the impact of this on others- lead by your own example.



  • Identify different means of communication, recognising barriers, characteristics of effective communication, non-verbal communication, role of teams in persuasion Have a good work and development relation (open door) with all employees in the department.
  • Appreciates the need for communication to achieve results and maintain motivation.
  • Listens attentively to what your team has to say to really understand the situation.
  • Is visible on the sections in the workplace.



  • Feels personal responsibility for the success of the department, own commitment and enthusiasm and energy for the role is obvious to the rest of the team Shows an interest in what goes on in the department and contributes positively to shaping this.
  • Is very adaptable to change.


Problem solving

  • Logic & creative thinking, identify solutions – calmly and effectively, reducing stress, involving others and empowerment, understanding decision making.
  • Does not panic in the face of difficult situations.
  • Deals effectively and calmly with situations as they arise but endeavours to pre-empt any potential situations.
  • Readily assists in identifying solutions that are satisfactory.


Strategic thinking

  • Set goals, visions and objectives for the department, and communicates this through the performance appraisal system and regular departmental meetings, benchmarks the departments progress against other hotels in the same grading, identify impact of self on others, measuring work outputs, develop plan to communicate the vision.
  • Communicates the vision to the department.
  • Ensure the department is continuously working toward this vision.
  • Helps to identify ways of improving the way the department does things.


Financial thinking

  • Never loses sight of the link between costs and income streams and profitability.
  • Works to ensure this is instilled into the department and always kept in mind.
  • Assist in ensuring the department meets its budget targets and always seek ways of reducing costs.


Customer service Focus- internal customer

  • Every department plays a positive role in giving their colleagues good internal customer service- be part of the solution.
  • Everyone in the organization helps colleagues (internal customer) who form a chain of the customer service within the company.
  • Everyone contributes directly or indirectly to the quality of customer service, there can be no weak links or ‘them and us’ or bad vibes or bad relationships between departments.


Occasional Duties:

  1. Be prepared to undertake any internal / external training as required
  2. Keep Property Service Depot clean and tidy to include perimeter checks as necessary

Because of the changing nature of our business your job description will inevitably change. You will, from time to time, be required to undertake other activities of a similar nature that fall within your capabilities as directed by management.

To Apply for this role, please send your application and CV to [email protected]