Overall Purpose of this Role:


The primary purpose of this role is to carry out work as part of the Agricultural Sustainability Support and Advisory Programme (ASSAP). ASSAP is working with farmers in a free and confidential advisory service to help improve water quality. As a key member of the Carbery Sustainability team, you will work towards the progression  of  environmental sustainability with our farmers, through one-to-one advice and group/public activities with an initial focus on water quality.

Key Objectives:

  • To develop and deliver the agreed business plan of the Agricultural Sustainability Support and Advisory Programme (ASSAP) as part of an area based team.
  • To use a range of effective advisory methodologies including one to one support, public events, knowledge transfer workshops and media as part of a team to achieve improvements in farmers environmental sustainability.
  • Engage with and carry out ASSAP farm visits with Carbery Suppliers signed up to the Carbery FutureProof Sustainability Scheme.
  • To engage with farmers located in “high pressure” catchments to identify risks arising from their farming operations to water quality and to:
  • Develop a plan to support achievement of regulatory standards.
  • Identify the need for additional infrastructure or to identify changes in farming systems to achieve compliance with the existing infrastructure.
  • Identify improvements in farmyard, roadway and land management practice to support reduction on point source losses.
  • Support farmers in implementing improved management of nutrients to reduce diffuse nutrient losses.
  • Provide advisory/planning support to suppliers who require assistance in improving farmyard management and/or storage capacities.
  • To ensure that ‘water quality’ is appropriately demonstrated on all Monitor / Demonstration farms in West Cork.
  • Interact with Teagasc, LAWPRO and other partners in upskilling and Continuous Professional Development.
  • To liaise with / support other agri advisors / consultants and industry professionals as required.
  • To support and facilitate groups of farmers in the impacted catchments.
  • To liaise with other groups which are established with the objective of enhancing water quality and community engagement.
  • To support / organize / deliver local dissemination events such as farm walks and meetings and media outputs.
  • To assist with the risk assessment and risk management of environment issues on farms.
  • To assist Carbery in meeting the commitments of its Sustainability Strategy and associated action plan.
  • Fully co-operate with the provisions made for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of themselves, fellow employees and non-Carbery staff and co-operate with management in enabling Carbery to comply with legal obligations. This includes full compliance with the responsibilities outlined in the Safety Statement.
  • Advise farmers on compliance requirements for regulatory and industry standards
  • Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.


Qualifications, Knowledge, Skill and Experience:



  • Applicants must hold a relevant Level 8 Degree in Agricultural Science, Environmental Science or equivalent.

·         Applicants must have expert agricultural knowledge and demonstrate how they stay abreast of current best practices and research.

·         He/she must be able to identify and shape the best practical applications of this knowledge in order to enhance the capabilities of farms & other enterprises.

·         He/she must act as an effective conduit to the latest thinking and methods that may give farmers a competitive edge or sustain their viability.

·         Experience of planning farm buildings and slurry / effluent facilities.

·         Experience of completing nutrient management plans or derogations.

·         Excellent communicator and experience collaborating with stakeholders.

·         Excellent analysis, problem solving skills and decision support abilities.

·         Work and Project Organization which shows pro-activity and drive.

·         Quality Customer Service Focus.

·         Team Work & Leadership abilities.

·         Full driving licence

·         Own fully insured car (milage expenses will be covered)


·         Post graduate qualification in Agriculture / Environment/ Knowledge Transfer.

·         Knowledge and experience of dealing with environmental/water quality issues.

·         Experience in setting up and facilitating collaborative initiatives and/or discussion groups, or courses.


Summary of Carbery Ways of Working:


  • Safety & Wellbeing

We keep everyone safe and create a workplace centred on dignity and respect.

  • Teamwork

We trust and support each other.  Through leadership and taking responsibility, we efficiently achieve our goals.

We recognise and respect our challenges and overcome them through communication, guidance and co-operation.

  • Customer Focus

We develop a collaborative relationship with our customers through listening and understanding their needs and

values.  We deliver best in class products and services.

  • Ambition

Through continuous improvement, we continue to evolve and grow.  We invest in our people, processes and systems to enhance our efficiencies and achieve our goals.

  • Sustainability

We support our stakeholders while respecting and protecting the environment.  We will sustainably secure the future for our employees, farming families and communities.

  • Communication

We actively communicate, encourage involvement and act accordingly.  We give and receive feedback, and recognise our success and achievements.


If you wish to apply please use the link below.